Session 70: Under the Sea

Sea exploration is fun!

Session Report

Downtime seems to be when so much happens that either completes the last session or sets up the next. Really, it's some of both, particularly with 1:1 time. In this instance, the cursed gems revealed their true nature and Scamicus (Level 2 thief)  as well as a couple of very unucky mercs started to sprout gills and smelled really bad. This did not particularly bother Scamicus and he made bank on the situation. The mercs, however, were distraught and sought out Xanthos (Level 5 cleric) to get the curse removed. Xanthos had also been tagged to clean up the mess Scamicus had left with Dadarshi at MadEye's Trading Emporium... Poor guy!

Oi! Whacchu lookin at?

In the process of cleaning up the mess, Xanthos learned that the local crime boss had come by looking for payment on his stolen wares and had collected from Dadarshi. Except for the box of gems which had disappeared...those he wanted back and wanted to know where to find this Scamicus fellow. Oh no! Xanthos further learned through discussion with senior clerics at the Temple of Naurivus, and the use of a Commune, that curses such as this usually persisted on these gems, known in lore as the Tentacles of Lammala, until the altar associated with them was destroyed. Such things were usually associated with unusually dark sinkholes of evil but that would be discovered more fully later.

Destroy the evil altar! Easy target, easy task. Crack team assembled included Xanthos, Edelweiss (L? mage), Arminius (L2 Nobiran Champion), I William Sir Vive (L1 thief), and Billy (L4 Explorer) headed out towards the now very familiar warehouse. Knowing much of the exploration would be underwater...they had waterbreathing spells cast on the party! They last a whole day so much advantage found being in a large market with an essentially urban delve. Off they went with their newfound urban gills!

They thought about entry and decided to look at an ocean side approach. Walking into the surf, they quickly recognized they would have to wander the sea bed a while before finding the sea cave and would be exposed to encounters the whole time. And...would it be the RIGHT sea cave? Not sure they thought about that point... Regardless, Billy came ashore and suggested they change tack. Back to the front door they went!

Again they won surprise and this time they went up to talk, no they didn't. Without hesitation Arminius and Billy filled the outside guard with arbalest bolts. They searched the body for proof he was an evil cultist...and found none. The PC's then used the key they had from the last time they were here and went inside. Seeing two more warehouse workers...they also killed them. There were a few short considerations of "Are we the baddies" as they went on to preparatory loot the warehouse. Oh, and head back down to the altar. 

Just wait until the grading phase starts!

The prior entrance was covered with a toilet. Yeah, I know. Already done in the Nethercity. Crime boss only had a couple days to cover all that up or the authorities might have had him crucified as a cultist himself! Elite plumbing team quicly removed the toilet and flooring exposing the stairs into the sea cave complex. Down they went!

Now, the plan they had in the past to lure the pentacrabs was again being actuallized. This time it would be with the warehouse worker bodies. And, using trade goods (iron ingots) in the warehouse, they would set up a crate to block the crabs away from the tidal pool. Billy and Edelweiss would haul the bodies up the corridor and the remaining group would push the crate behind them, temporarily locking them in with the pentacrabs which wouldn't be a problem because they could climb up through the trap door at the end of the hall. Easy! Perfect!

Five skeletons came around the corner as they were moving the ton of iron ingots into position and Xanthos turned them with a stern presentation of Naurivus' ship. No problem! This plan was flawless!

Except...that trap door had also been converted into a toilet. Which Billy and Edelweiss found out after they were locked in the hallway with the crabs. Oops! Fortunately, the crabs piled dumbly against the ton of iron ingots with the bodies of the warehouse workers and did not attend to the two people frantically digging their way out through the bottom side of a latrine. 

Billy taking a smoke break
When they climbed out through the toilet into the safe house, they saw the front door open and a half eaten sandwich and beer on the table. Someone knew they were here and had run off. Getting reinforcements? Terrified at comething clawing its way up out of the toilet? Who knows?

They ran around to rejoin the team as seven skeletons and standard combat ensued. Some were turned, all were killed. Time for the returning to the tidal pool!

Xanthos, Billy, and Sir Vive dove into the pool with a rope tied around Xanthos. The light of Xanthos' magic hammer made it very easy to see the four barnacled people and two barnacle encrusted lizard men walking over to greet them. Visibility was so good they could easily identify the now animated corpse of Savory Dulles shambling over!! Horrors!

No worries. Xanthos confidently presented the Ship of no effect!! What chthonic treachey is this?? It was then they surmised the zombies might be a bit stronger than usual as well... The three aquit themselves well in the fight until Sir Vivie has a leg bitten clean off by one of the uberzombies. Berserkers were summoned and started climbing down the rope...but were pulled back up when Xanthos pulled the rip cord to escape. He surfaced to cast Cure Light Wounds on himself and then headed back down, this time with the berserkers hanging on to his heavily armored self. 

Billy, meanwhile, finished off the zombies and sat alone in the ghastly green glow of the altar, perhaps


pondering... What the hell am I doing here? His reverie ended when Xanthos and the berserkers made it to the sea floor. Xanthos proceeded to dismantle the altar with hammer blows while the berserkers secured the sea passage. And a good thing they did! In swam four giant sea serpents! Coiling and snapping, they take out the berserkers quickly and proceed to engage Billy and Xanthos. Arminius surmises the looming disaster and dives into the pool. He made it to the bottom just as Billy sank to the bottom with his chest crushed by a serpent. Arminius engaged the serpents and was able to complete the kill with Xanthos. Xanthos rapidly finished demolishing the altar and then crushed a vial of holy water into the rubble. By the light of his holy hammer, they found 20 of the jaspar gem stones and surfaced with Billy and Sir Vive. And...yes, they did successfully pull up the chest that eluded them the last session!

They successfully made mortal wounds checks with the assistance of Xanthos' magical healing. It was a short trip back to the Commercial District and (relative) safety with convalescence for Billy (heart and lungs damaged, rest 2 turns in every 6, wilderness move decreased by 1/3, no forced march, CON decreased by 1/3, able to take downtime actions beginning 9/8) and Sir Vived (crutch or peg leg, movement reduced by 30', DEX reduced by 1/3 for AC purposes, able to take downtime actions beginning 9/15). Adventuring took place on 9/1 with day of rest 9/2. Downtime actions available 9/3. 

Whatever could be in there?


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