Manx Living

 Manx Living

I have been inspired by Jeffro Johnson, BDubs, and the Elf Finder General to be more regular with posting Session Reports. We have continued with the RuneQuest game and it is now morphing into a more solidly BROSR 1:1 time keeping game. Patrons may well be on the horizon!

Biggest deer path EVER!
This session started off with Jon and Ama living on the streets in Port City, having been cast out of the Temple for stealing food (Jon, to feed his sister) or failing to calm a raucous in crowd that ended up damaging the furniture (Ama) in the last session. Ama had wandered into the hills and made contact with deer who spoke to her of an Earth Mother to whom they wanted to introduce her. Jon still had blood in his eyes over the rude treatment his sister had faced from the temple acolytes and was plotting their doom. They both decided getting out of the port and heading into the hills made the most sense.

These guys keep popping up!
Unfortunately for them, my newly created random encounter tables popped positive ogre
raiding band! These were orginally set for the wilds of Cymru and not Manx but I thought about it a bit and decided a raiding party off of a small ship in a cove made sense and off we went. 

I rolled the ogres had successfully Concealed nets and trapped the path and the players each missed a Luck roll. They did successfully Dodge and found themselves face to face with two ogres with spears and appetites!

Jon dithered a bit on what to do but ended striking at Ogre 1 with his shillelagh and would hae hit except for a critical Dodge by the ogre. Alas, Jon missed a Parry and the ogre shattered his left leg. He crumpled to the ground with 4 of 16 hit points remaining. He attempted to roll into a bush to no avail! A futile strike at the ogre again and it was over for Jon. Another spear thrust through his right leg this time and there was no more crawling. The ogre bundled him up and started walking away into the woods.

Ama was having a longer melee although not seeming to damage the ogre through his leather armor. She was successfully Parrying his attacks such as they actually hit her. She did successfully cast Demoralize spells on both of the ogres, which likely kept her alive long enough to decide to summon a dwr gwrach! Jon and Ama are both Initiates of Lyr with some RuneMagic but they have thus far played in the shadow of more experienced players. Certainly, they are my kids so I did kind of suggest it might be a good idea early on...but it took until now for one of them to do it.

Very spooky!

Dwr gwrach, for those who have not read the earlier posts recently, is a way of expressing an undine or water elemental in Cymric. Ama summoned a medium dwr gwrach that immediately engulfed the remaining Demoralized ogre. While it struggled against drowning, Ama proceeded to beat on it and between the bludgeoning and drowning got very close to killing it. It did manage to escape its watery prison and ran full speed down into the woods after its colleague.

They were curious how things were going to end up also
This was a turning point in the game in some respects. Jon tried for Divine Intervention and failed so he was truly...dead. Ama sat forlorn in the woods not knowing where Earth Mother was or how to find her. So she did what has worked thus far throught the game: She took out her flute and started playing..and rolled a critical success! Soon she found herself surrounded by woodland creatures captivated by her music. "Ama, we missed you! Why didn't you return sooner?"

With that, they were off to meet the Earth Mother. Ama thought it prudent to dismiss the dwr gwrach lest it offend some elemental sensibilities at her upcoming introduction. The animals led her deep into the woods to a clearing where sat a well apointed small round wooden house with a thatched roof. A small wisp of smoke came out from a central chimney. Flowers garlanded the door and window frames. "Aw, man. I really hope this isn't another witch."

Introductions were brief once Ama relayed the tale of her brother's death at the hands of raidng ogres. "Ogres? Here? In my woods?" In short order, Ama was on the back of a giant hawk with Earth Mother transformed into one as well. They took to the skies and quickly spied a small sailing vessel in a secluded cove. Another few moments and the two ogres carrying the lifelss body of a young boy were seen making their way down a steep rocky path along the cliff side. They had made it to the bottom when both giant hawks hit them full on from the back. The injured one's head came clean off and the other was knocked to the ground but was not yet dead. And then...he was. It is one of those combats where the two sides are so unevenly matched there was no reason to roll any more.

Earth Mother changed back into human form and proceeded to set the ship on fire. There were 5 ogres on the shore that ran into the woods as the ship burst into flame and three ogres that jumped from the burning ship and eventually made it to shore. "I am certain the bears will take care of them. Lets head back to my house." 

"Is there anything you can do for my brother, Earth Mother?" asked Ama plaintively.

"Yes, it has not been too long. You must promise me you will both serve me for a Season and I will set to knitting his spirit back to his flesh."

They walked a short bit and she called for an elk to place the body on as it was getting heavy for them to drag. It was a lot harder walking up the cliff line than flying down it!

Once they were back at the garlanded house, Earth Mother set to creating a Sanctified space among her flowers and laid out the body. After Healing the body, the sung ritual took around two hours and Jon was again sitting up. 

They all went into the house and ate dinner, for they were hungry.

So, we are set up for next Session. The players have pretty well set a trajectory at this point and will be on the island for at least this Season (6 weeks). Hopefully I can get the blog caught up from the past sessions because...well...a lot of the game developed in those sessions!


  1. It is SO exciting to see this story come alive again! Ut us fantastic! I can't wait to read what happens between the last blog post and this one. Keep writing! We all love it!

  2. Ut us really fun to put this all into writing! I wish I had done it at the time. Y'all did a lot of traveling!


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