Storm Season


A new age dawning looked akin to…a very wild party the night before. If that party were hosted by tequila soaked Giants. Who didn’t care much for boats…

A powerful late Dark Season storm rolled ashore up the Mor Hafren in the late evening hours and raged through the night. An appropriate way to start the first day of Disorder Week. Much work to be done repairing nets and unfouling lines. And there were those boats up in the trees. Lyr’s Beard, this was a mess!

While his sisters worked repairing the nets, some with swift hands and rope, some with a dancing finger and wink of an eye, Jon walked along the shoreline kicking at shells and rocks. Chuck this one in…skipped a half dozen times! That one gets thrown at a gull who hops out of the way squawking its disapproval. Piece of drift wood here, piece there..step on this one, kick that one and… Hey! Wot?

Dangerous Beach Combing

A faint shimmer in the sand caught Jon’s eye. A few shells moved out of the way and the slightest brush of his hand against the now gleaming conch shell…


YOW! An electric shock surged up his arm!


Immediately a young woman leapt up from the nets and headed to the boy’s aid. Well, young woman is not what anyone present would have attested to seeing. They would have said they

saw a flame jet up from the earth, a flame of red hair and rage. Normally ice blue eyes were steely and locked on the young lad standing transfixed on the beach.

Shillelagh in hand, Kat rushed to Jon, scooping the boy up in one arm while scanning the beach. Faintly shimmering gold caught her eye… Surmising this a thing to be reviewed by Mam, she picked up the conch and headed back to the village with Jon in tow.

Strangely, she felt no sting when she picked up the shell while Jon still rubbed his hand. His hand still felt warm where he had brushed it and he found himself wanting to carry it.

Kat made it back to the rest of the clan when she heard a sickening yelp and a gurgle. Ama was retrieving some torn netting that was half in the surf when a wave that should have crashed already...didn't...and didn't...and didn't...until it was on top of her! She tried to leap out of the way but it crashed down onto her and enveloped her!

Seeing her sister held captive by living water was shocking but failed to dampen the rage welling within Kat. Shillelagh in hand she charged the Fell Wave...and struck a mighty blow! Its power crushed, they fled up the hillside. As they left the shore, Ama heard the dolphins sing to her of protecting the conch. And...please ask Rae to keep playing her flute! It is so lovely!

Ah, Rae. She would have none of the morning work with the women of the Rwbaddshire! Sullen and staring at the sea, she had broken out her flute and started playing. Her beautiful lilting music drifted out over the waves far beyond her open window. The dolphins were listening...was there anyone else?
Rae and the Dolphins


  1. Realizing I need a more Welsh name for the Undines...and other elementals as they come up. I am thinking dwr gwrach. Maybe ton fyw. Or ton wrach.

  2. I am loving this retelling 😍 though is Kat a welsh name? πŸ˜‰


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