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So, where did you go to high school?
Part of the wholesomeness of the Runequest settings is the sense of place the game evokes. In the Glorantha setting, the backstory is filled in with fictional wars and migrations. Every character starts out with a homeland which affects them in every way a home should affect a person.

Circle of Life

This creation process infuses the game with telos and is a hedge against the party becoming a bunch of wandering murder hobos. Seeing this game mechanism allowed me to create a ready fit structure for protoCeltic (and other) tribes and their relationships. There is a reason movies like The Lion King transcend the usual dreck and become epic myth: rightly ordered telos resonates with every human soul.

I guess that raises the question: Why not be a bunch of wandering murder hobos? class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

How one answers that question says a lot about how that person views the world…the real world. Given that one can sin in one’s thoughts by actively willing the thought and engaging with it, and one can similarly and more fruitfully practice virtue in one’s thoughts, it is incumbent on me as a Catholic gamer to foster virtue and dissuade vice in games in which I participate.

There is no wiggle room.

This is 100 fold true for games where I create the setting for my children.So how does one disrupt the harmonious family life of Clan Morgan of Glamorganshire such that an epic tale might unfold? How does one get that hobbit out of Hobbiton?


Cozy Hobbit living

As G.K Chesterton famously said: “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.”

Yes, the man was brilliant. Now all I need is a little wind...no, a LOT of wind... And whose hat shall we lift? And where shall we land it?

Something from under the sea...
From Whence Cometh the McGuffin


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